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SEO Marketing Trends in 2022 [ Expert Opinion ]


What is SEO?

SEO full form is search engines optimization. it is process through which enhancing the quality and quantity of the traffic comes to a website via search engines like google and Bing. The main focus of SEO is driving unpaid traffic or organic traffic rather than paid traffic and direct traffic.

SEO Marketing Algorithms

SEO Industry is very volatile in nature and various search engines are updating their algorithms every quarter to stay updated to protect customer privacy and provide best customer experience. you should be top of all these things to making sure you maintain rankings or improve them.

SEO Marketing Trends

As you are aware, SEO is the one of the most effective means to driving traffic to your website and attracting potential customer. In this article, I’ll show some light on Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) marketing trends 2022 using the below info-graphic.

SEO Marketing Trends 2022
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