How to set up eCommerce warehouse?

Vision of the eCommerce warehouse

The primary objective of setting up warehouses in one location or multiple locations is to ease delivery management and enhance E-commerce customers’ experience. E-Commerce organization will use Hub & Spoke distribution method for delivery of products to speed up & enhance customer experience and meet expectations i.e., 80% of all orders will be delivered in a time span of 2 -3 days.

Hub and Spoke Warehouse Model

To explain this model I have considered the following assumptions

  1. Center Location – Atlanta, GA. USA
  2. Industry – Health and Beauty
  3. Categories – More than 30

How it Works?

HUB ( Central Warehouse )

Hub refers to the central warehouse of  E-Commerce located in Atlanta, GA.

SPOKE (Mini Warehouse)

Spoke in ecommerce refers to a small warehouse that holds adequate product stock in their premises to meet the delivery needs of Preserve.

In most cases, Spoke warehouse will independently manage all E-Commerce orders and shipping & delivery process through the integrated inventory management software or ERP module of inventory. Delivery of goods by sending orders to Spoke will be facilitated by the ERP logic deployed by the stake holders.

Inventory / Supply Chain Logic:

Supply of products will be directed to the Spoke by vendor.  In case vendor does not accept this arrangement then goods will be supplied from Hub to Spoke. In some cases, goods will be exchanged among the Spokes.

Identification of the Spoke by region

Out of 50 states in the US, 10 states were ranked top in well-being parameters for body, mind and soul, according to a renowned medical and research organization. Considering this report, these 10 states will be the potential market for e-commerce business, as people are mindful of their health and well-being and have taken steps to “Stay Fit & Be Healthy”. Management of delivery and shipping will be easy and facilitate timely delivery as well as elite customer experience

  1. California
  2. Utah
  3. Arizona
  4. Florida
  5. Minnesota
  6. North Carolina
  7. Colorado
  8. Connecticut
  9. New Jersey
  10. New York
USA 10 states

By this approach we have identified few other states, which are not covered and will be delivered directly from the Hub.

The Hub & Spoke distribution approach will be more useful when the E-Commerce business has over 10,000 orders in a month. Otherwise the cost of maintaining Spokes in different  regions along with product stock in the warehouses will be high.

There are the two types of Warehouse available to use for Hub and Spoke distribution

  1. Open Space Warehouse
  2. Third party warehouse with Infrastructure

In the above models only Hub can be used and Spoke model always third party warehouse with infrastructure. the reason for considering this model for spoke is cost .

Hub as Open Space Warehouse

To understand the this model better I have divided the Open space warehouse as small, Medium and Large based on the space.

Details :

  • Small warehouse Space  (~50,000 sq ft)
  • Medium warehouse Space  (~100,000 to 200,000 sq ft)
  • Large warehouse Space (~500,000+ sq ft)

Based on the number of SKUs you may opt the right Warehouse for your stocking needs. In addition, you should also consider the activities which will take place in the warehouse such as

  1. Receiving (includes unloading, quality control checks and labeling)
  2. Storage (plan should be for extra storage space anticipating growth)
  3. Forward staging (incorporate space for at least one day’s worth of orders)
  4. Shipping (includes pack and ship, quality control, labeling and breaking down larger pallets)
  5. Extra area for returns and “dead” stock
  6. Additional areas for whole staging, value-added processes, and more (all depending on size)

Choose the best layout for that space

It’s important to have enough space for all activities in the warehouse, but equally important is the overall “flow” and layout of the available space. Goods in the warehouse should move in a single, continuous flow without any need to backtrack, and with minimum crossing of paths.

Additionally, the flow should ensure that SKUs moving through the warehouse does so in an order that it passes through necessary activities. For example, goods that enter the warehouse should follow a process, involving unloading, inspection, labelling, and then placed in long-term storage.

The ideal set-up will differ based on the size of the warehouse (that’s the reason why the previous step involves calculation of space requirements!), as well as the other constraints.

eCommerce warehouse Layout

Create a labeling system

Proper rack labeling and addressing is of great importance in reducing pick-up time and creating overall warehouse efficiency. In a way, if the warehouse layout is the roadmap then the labelling system is the system of road signs that enables employees to navigate it.

For creating such a system, it is necessary to adopt a systematic way of referring to locations in the warehouse. This would be your own system for label addresses. An ideal label address will include precise information like describing an item’s location, starting from the largest to the smallest unit area.

It’s more like a postal address, although in reverse: Any postal address begins with the house number, then proceeds to street, city, state, and, if necessary, country. The label address will have the same level of detail but will start from the largest area (typically an aisle number) and proceed to the bay, level, and bin.

  1. Number Aisle as 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  2. All Racks must be assigned a specific rack number in left to right order, or vice-versa. Best way of awarding rack number is R1, R2… Rn (R stand for rack).
  3. Next, the Shelf in the racks should be provided with a location. Such location ID usually looks like R1A1, R1A2… RnAn (where A stands for column) for the first column and the second column looks like R1B1, R1B2… RnBn. Similarly, the other columns are given location ID alphabetically.
  4. For smaller products/items, the Columns can be divided horizontally and vertically.  On dividing columns vertically/horizontally the location ID looks like, R1A1V1, R1A1V2… R1AnVn (where R-rack, A-column and V-Bin).

Location/Product ID typically looks like this: 1R1A1V1

Here are some examples of zones:

  1. High Velocity Zone [HVZ]: All fast-moving items are kept here
  2. Heavy Accessories Zone [HAZ]: All items weighing over 5 kgs are kept here. For example – Small gym accessories
  3. Heavy Zone [HZ]: All heavy equipment is kept here
  4. Small Zone [SM]: Items such as accessories are kept here

Create a list of essential equipment needed

Various types of the equipment needed include:
  • Material handling
  • Packing and shipping equipment
  • Transport equipment
  • Positioning equipment

Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment is a broad category that will include transport equipment, storage equipment, unit load equipment and positioning equipment. Storage has been discussed, and we’ll cover unit load equipment in the packing and shipping section. In our case, material handling equipment actually refers to transport and positioning equipment.

Transport equipment denotes any machinery that moves objects from one place to another within the warehouse. Positioning equipment is meant to hold an item in place while a task is being performed.

Transport Equipment

Movement of materials within the warehouse accounts for a major part of the equipment planning as well as the budget. Hand carts, dollies, and pushcarts are some of the rudimentary transport equipment used in most warehouses. They are like manual “trucks” that allow employees to lift and move goods that they will not be able to lift or move by hand. Other equipment like pallet jacks and walkie stackers are manually operated but can move bigger loads.

Forklifts, lift trucks, and cranes are examples of powered transport equipment used for handling pallets or very heavy goods. These are also recommended for goods that need to travel more than 40 feet distance.

Additionally, there are equipment that move around to carry goods, but such transport equipment remain in one spot. For example, conveyors are transport equipment that are stationary and moves things along the fixed path. Conveyors can be both powered as well as manually run.

Positioning Equipment

A warehouse also has stations, where items are assembled, painted, or manipulated in some other way. Such items require positioning equipment to hold them in place as it’s difficult for a worker to do so. Examples of positioning equipment include work tables, hoists, and clamps.

Deciding on the right equipment for transport and positioning starts with product knowledge. Size and weight is an important factor. While choosing transport equipment, factors like how often and how far it needs to travel – both horizontally and vertically – plays a determining role. The choice of positioning equipment depends on the type task that needs to be performed. For example, a product needs to be suspended in air while the paint dries on all sides. A special rack may hold sheet metal so that a pattern can be punched onto it.

Packing and Shipping Equipment

Shipping department is a significant part of any warehouse worldwide. The bottom line will suffer, if goods can’t be delivered to consumers or wholesalers in an efficient manner. Here, the choice of right equipment will help in expediting the process.

Goods need to be assembled, packaged, labelled, and prepared for shipping. So, the shipping area in a warehouse needs to be equipped with the required tools to get the job done.

Packing and shipping area usually has the following equipment and supplies:

  • Tables and workbenches
  • Label printers and labels
  • Boxes, bags, cartons
  • Sealers (tape dispensers, glue guns)
  • Scales

Any warehouse that does bulk wholesale shipping needs unit load formation equipment. Unit loads refers to groupings of packed containers, which will be shipped together on pallets or skids or in large shipping containers. Such equipment includes:

  • Strapping or wrapping machines
  • Pallets
  • Pallet jacks or forklifts
  • Shrink-wrap and strapping materials
warehouse set up cost

Setting up Spoke in different regions:

Setting up Spoke in different regions:

I have only taken into consideration the warehouses that are located in the well-being states and shortlisted 2-5 warehouses based on reputation, revenue, services & e-Commerce operations.

Let’s discuss in detail each warehouse’s services.



  • Industry served – Vitamins & pharmaceuticals, home goods, outdoor equipment, healthcare & hospital equipment, baby products, pet products, mattresses, apparel & shoes, surf & paddleboards, and auto parts
  • Services – Fulfilment, pick and pack, E-commerce fulfilment, kitting and assembly
  • Warehousing facility – Operates warehouses in Edison, New Jersey; Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas; Toronto & Vancouver, Canada
  • Key features of Simi Valley, CA warehouse facility:

24/7 monitored security; 24/7 security camera; floor (bulk) storage; rack (high-cubes) storage; full-service rail unloading and loading; food grade warehouse; fully online web-based system to track inventory; FDA approved

Basic Information:

    • Over 45 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $19.5M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               732-391-2500
    • Email ID :     
    • Location :               Simi Valley, CA – 30 miles away from Los Angeles
    • Area :               Total area of more than 42.2 square miles


  • Industries served – Perishable food and beverage products, raw materials, organics, pharmaceuticals, packaging and select Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Temperatures – Biotech at 2 – 8 degrees Celsius; 34 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit; 55 to 70 degrees, and ambient. All temp-alarmed, secure and Emergencybackup
  • Facility has license for pharmaceuticals, organics & kosher food products, and alcoholic beverages
  • More than 15 State Board of Pharmacy Licenses and two Alcoholic Beverage Licenses, SQF GFSI Level 2 & Costco Certified, Organic License (California DOH) and USDA NOP Organic Certification

Basic Info:

    • Over 50 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $14.1M
    • Type of Ware house   :   Food and pharmaceutical grade, multi-temperature controlled
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               (909) 483-5841 x117
    • Email ID :     
    • Area :               200,000 square feet
    • Location :               RANCHO CUCAMONGA  at Interstates I-10 and I-15


  • Industries served – Food & beverage, retail, consumer goods, confectionery
  • Services –
  • Warehousing – Contract warehousing, shared warehousing, temperature-controlled warehousing, E-commerce fulfilment, cross docking services, value-added services
  • Transportation – Dedicated contract carriage, LTL retail distribution, temperature controlled, pool distribution, freight consolidation, transportation logistics
  • California port services – Drayage services, transload

Basic Information:


  • Industry served – Organic foods, food/food service products, starches and powders, paper, lumber and sporting goods
  • Services – Refrigerated, frozen and dry storage
  • All Sierra Pacific Warehouse Groupfacilities are “Certified Organic”
  • Sierra Pacific Warehouse Groupis GSFI Audited Certified Food Safe byBRC
  • Sierra PacificWarehouse Group has been AIB Superiorfor nearly 20 years

Basic Information:

    • Over 30 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $ 9.8M
    • Website : 
    • Phone # :           209-572-2882 / 209-572-0221
    • Email ID : 
    • Locations & Area : Modesto- 800,000 sq ft , Patterson- 450,000 sq ft , Stockton- 80,000 sq ft

Recommendation:  DSW DISTRIBUTION CENTERS, INC (CA) –– Their facility is validated and licensed for Organics & Pharmaceuticals. They also have a great reputation in the industry.



  • Industry served – Health & beauty, food & beverage, consumer products, paper products, automotive building materials, chemicals, food production, metals packaging, containers, plastics retail
  • Services – Trucking, freight solutions, warehousing & distribution, contact packaging
  • Warehousing facility – Operates warehouses in Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Utah, Illinois and Kentucky
  • Food-grade facilities (AIB-certified)

Basic Information:

    • Over 40 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $ 14.9M
    • Website : 
    • Phone # :           784.4805
    • Email ID :
    • Location :          OGDEN, UTAH
    • Area :                 210,000 sq. ft
    • Technology :     Camelot 3Plink


  • Industry served – Sports/fitness and nutrition industries, essential oils, and freeze-dried food markets
  • Provide E-commerce order fulfilment, warehousing, order fulfilment centre
  • Services – Drop shipping, pallet storage (short and long term storage), cross docking, re-working of shifted loads, re-stacking, reloading and shrink-wrapping, store items for on-line sellers, palletized bulk product storage, strict quality control, inventory management, pull, pack, and ship (UPS, FED-EX and LTL freight), frozen food & temperature controlled storage & rework facility
  • Warehousing facility – Food grade warehouse that serves customers like Costco, Associated Foods, Western Family Brands, and Smith’s etc.

Basic Information:

    • Over 40 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $4.7M
    • Website : 
    • Phone # :           801-810-2900
    • Type :                 Food Grade Warehouse
    • Location :          Salt Lake City, Utah


  • Industries served: Medical/pharmaceutical, food grade, nutritional, health and beauty care, consumer goods, industrial, general merchandise, manufacturing, building materials
  • Services – Warehousing, distribution, fulfilments, logistics, transportation, food grade storage, medical & pharmaceutical grade storage
  • Specializes in product handling, storage solutions and inventory management

Basic Information:

    • Over 20 years of experience
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :              801-323-9100
    • Email ID :   
    • Location :             Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Area :                    300,000 square feet
    • Type :                   Climate controlled warehouses


  • Industry served – Organic food stores, food products (dry, frozen and chilled), warehouse retailers, department stores, transport pharmaceuticals
  • Services – Warehousing and storage services, including refrigerated storage, food grade warehouse, re-pack service, short/long term storage, retail delivery services
  • Areas covered – Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho and Wyoming

Basic Information: Yockey)

  • Area & Type :               20,000 square feet of temperature controlled

Warehouse space

  • Location :               Salt Lake City, Utah


  • Services – Warehousing & storage, shipping & receiving, fulfilment, kitting & assembly, packaging, E-commerce, shopping cart & sales channel fulfilment, returns & reverse logistics, reporting, cost savings
  • Warehousing facility – Rack storage, bulk storage, temporary and seasonal spikes/overflow programs, medical storage, vendor inventory storage, product rotation, zoning of warehouse to ensure efficient movement of product, inventory of product, secure inventory, short- or long-term storage, local pick-up and delivery

Basic Information:

    • Over 25 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $5.5M
    • Website : 
    • Phone # :           801-221-5999 / 1-800-788-8689
    • Email ID :
    • Location :           Provo, UT

Recommendation:  EMPIRE WAREHOUSE INC (UT) – Great reputation in the industry and its services in the organic food category.



  • Services – Supply chain management, warehousing & transportation
  • Value added services – Drayage, assembly, purchasing, bar-coding, reverse logistics, EDI, break bulk, inventory management, same day expediting, call centre, labelling, shipping management, shipping BGL account/prepay, consolidation, packaging & repackaging, supply chain management, delivery (local), pick pack, computer support, order administration, tracking
  • Warehousing facility – Operates 70+ Warehouses across United States (U.S.) and Canada

Basic Information:

    • Experience of more than a decade
    • Estimated annual revenue is $ 6.8M
    • Website : 
    • Phone # :           281-220-8800
    • Technology :      OMNI™
    • Location :           Phoenix, Arizona


  • Industries served: CPG, food manufacturers, E-commerce, healthcare, technology, food & drug stores, specialty chemical, retail, auto, technology, apparel, industrial, beverages, aerospace & defence
  • Distribution services – Warehousing, cross docking, value-added services, fulfilment, transportation, global logistics and real estate
  • Warehousing facility – Spread across 250 locations, 50m sq ft, 4000 tractors, 9700 trailers

Basic Information:

    • Over 87 years of experience (Established in 1932)
    • Estimated annual revenue is $2 Billion
    • Website : 
    • Phone # :           (877)634-3777
    • Area :                  50 million square feet


  • Refining  processes and systems to be the most effective vitamin fulfilment, supplement fulfilment and neutraceutical fulfilment centre in the country
  • Services – Fulfilment & storage, pick and pack fulfilment, order fulfilment, website fulfilment, ecommerce fulfilment, product fulfilment, Phoenix warehouse, vitamin fulfilment, catalogue order fulfilment, direct mail fulfilment and book fulfilment.

Basic Information:

    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               480-588-2237
    • Email ID :     
    • Location :               Phoenix, AZ


  • Services – Public warehousing, contract warehousing, HazMat warehousing, freezer/cooler warehousing, trucking, consolidated services, import/export, cross docking, E-commerce, pick & pack, US custom bonded warehousing, foreign trade zone, transloading, logistics, reverse logistics
  • Warehouse facility – 700,000 sq ft of food grade warehouses, 40,000 sq ft of temperature controlled/air-conditioned space at 68 degrees F year-round
  • Warehouse Locations:

Basic Information:

    • Over 40 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $4.5M
    • Website :
    • Phone # :         732-739-2323
    • Type :               Dry, Cooler, Freezer, HazMat
    • Location :        Phoenix, Arizona


  • Services – General warehousing & distribution, E-commerce, pick & pack fulfilment, Hazmat storage, food grade storage, cross docking, supply chain management, packing transportation
  • Warehouse facility – Freezer space, temperature controlled and heated space available
  • Warehouses – Spread all over USA

Basic Information:

 Recommendation: NFI (AZ) – They have good reputation in the industry.



  • Services – Warehousing & fulfilment, food grade storage, RF & bar-coding, packaging, information technology, value added services, online inventory tracking, temperature controlled storage, performance measurement, equipment (pull-pack, clamp, roll clamp, four fork, basiloid), full array of EDI transaction sets, purchasing & customer service administration, rail service, foreign trade zone, cross-docking, special labelling, FDA approval, quality control inspections, recouping customer-specific certification
  • Warehouse facility – 5 million square feet with operations in eleven cities:
  • Illinois Logistics Warehouses: Peoria Warehouse, Montgomery South Warehouse, Montgomery North Warehouse, Galesburg Warehouse
  • Florida Logistics Warehouses: Orlando North Warehouse, Orlando South Warehouse
  • California Logistics Warehouses: Fontana Warehouse, Mira Loma Warehouse, Tracy Warehouse, Stockton East Warehouse, Stockton West Warehouse
  • Colorado Logistics Warehouse: Denver Warehouse

Basic Information:

    • Over 70 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $ 6M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               1-866-699-7271 of warehouses in FL are 2
    • Locations :            Orlando North & Orlando South, FL
  • Orlando North warehouse is a public warehouse with outside rail accessibility and temperature controlled space.
    • Total Building Square Footage: 360,260
    • Cooler Square Footage: 50,000
    • Office Square Footage: 7,394
    • Total Number of Dock Doors: 42
    • Column Spacing: 50 ft x 50 ft
    • Lot Size: 22.15 acres
  • Orlando South is a public food grade warehouse in Central Florida. There is temperature controlled space available and an additional drop lot at this location.
    • Total Building Square Footage: 268,417
    • Cooler Square Footage: 35,000
    • Office Square Footage: 6,650
    • Total Number of Dock Doors: 30
    • Column Spacing: 50 ft x 44 ft
    • Lot Size: 22.28 acres


  • Services: Warehousing, kitting & fulfilment, transportation & shipment management, pick & pack, product fulfilment, E-commerce fulfilment, return processing
  • Services:
  • Nutraceutical – climate-controlled warehousing for supplements, vitamins, body building products, gluten-free products, herbal compounds, health supplements/treatments for pets, energy bars
  • Cosmeceuticals – cosmetics, skin care products, moisturizers, permanent makeup technology
  • LEED Accredited Building – Leadership in energy and environmental design
    upholding the highest standards in the performance of warehouse staff, the security and safety of products, and green sustainable efforts.
  • Blue Logistics is very familiar with the demands of systems assembly, such as, complex electronics assembly, POS/POP display assembly, configure to order/build to order, system assembly at the chassis, cage or rack level, custom cabling, board level and system level testing, documentation management (Lot control, serialization)
  • Blue Logistics assembles all custom kit components and then ships to the distribution list. Handles the design and production of the kit components, including print, premium, or point-of-purchase items.
  • Warehouse facility – Over 70,000 sq ft of air-conditioned storage space

Basic Information:


  • Industries served – Retail, healthcare, financial, non-profit, hospitality, commercial printers
  • Services –
  • E-commerce fulfilment – Nutritional and sports beverages, vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals, beauty/skincare, media/books, apparel, small electronics, and more
  • Products fulfilment services – Pick & pack, warehousing, shipping, real-time inventory management, postal logistics and mail-tracking services, digital printing, and more
  • Products we fulfil – Vitamins, nutraceuticals, supplements, nutritional and sports beverages

Basic Information:

    • Established 10 years ago
    • Estimated annual revenue is $11.8M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :              954-582-7450
    • Email ID :   
    • Location :             Pompano Beach, FL

Recommendation:  BLUE LOGISTICS (FL) – Based on their specialization on Nutracetical & Cosmeceutical Industry. Also, they enjoy a good reputation in the industry.



  • Industries served – 3PL/4PL Companies, agriculture, E-commerce, food, food ingredients, forest products, grocery health and beauty health care, household goods, medical supplies, organics, packaging, paper, raw materials, recreation/outdoors
  • Services – Warehousing, transportation, fulfilment, customized logistics, international services, and rigging services
  • Warehouse facility – Operates 14 facilities with a total of 2.8 million square feet of bulk, rack and food grade storage in Minnesota & Missouri
  • Certifications – Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification, FDA/USDA certified logistics warehouses, ASI/HACCP certified food buildings, Organic handler certificate, MnSHARP certification, LEED, Energy Star, ISO 14001

Basic Information:

    • Over 100 years of experience (Established in 1904)
    • Estimated annual revenue is $35M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               623.1200
    • Email ID :   
    • Location :              Minneapolis, MN
    • Type :                     Dry, temperature controlled, food grade, contract or

shared space, or bonded environments


  • Services – 3PL retail fulfilment, drop-shipping & distribution, E-commerce fulfilment, business to business fulfilment, kitting and assembly
  • Warehouse facility – Operates over 2,000,000 square feet space in four facilities from the Midwest to the Port of Long Beach, California
  • Minnesota – 403,000 square feet, 32 foot clear ceiling height, 50 total dock doors
  • California –
  • 928,000 square feet, 35 foot clear ceiling height, 121 total dock doors
  • 652,000 square feet, 32 foot clear ceiling height, 90 total dock doors
  • 610,000 square feet, 32 foot clear ceiling height, 90 total dock door

Basic Information:

    • Over 80 years in experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $14.9M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               800-346-3245
    • Contact page :
    • Technology :          EDI
    • Location :               Lino Lakes, Minnesota


  • Industries served – Food, medical supplies, beverage, grocery, solar panel manufacturing and installation, paper, consumer goods, construction/building materials, metals, industrial products, furniture, appliances and documents
  • Serving Midwestern United States: Minnesota (Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul) Wisconsin North Dakota (Fargo) South Dakota (Sioux Falls) Iowa (Des Moines)

Basic Information:

    • Over 30 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $25.3M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               (800) 864-3752 / (651) 686-7221
    • Contact page :
    • Location :               3 Warehouses in Eagan & 1 Warehouse in Roseville MN
    • Size :                        850,000+ plus square feet

Approximate storage cost

  • Receive, store and ship full pallets of goods for customers.
  • Monthly storage cost: $14.00 per pallet per month
  • Minimum monthly storage charge: $450.00 per month
  • In/Out handling cost: $8.00 per pallet
  • Lading charge for each outbound shipment: $6.00


  • Services – Warehousing & distribution, third-party logistics, food-grade storage, volume storage, contract storage, bulk & fully packaged storage, dry storage, product scanning, UPS/Fed Ex/Parcel Shipment, fulfilment, freight consolidation
  • Warehouse facility – 400,000 square feet storage capacity
  • Green building protocols – All strategic warehousing facilities are undergoing a green makeover that includes installation of energy saving lighting, interior redecoration and reorganization to suit modern operational logistics need.

Basic Information:

    • Over 30 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $21.1M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               612-685-1301 / 651.405.1920
    • Email ID :     (Kathy Forester, GM)
    • Technology :          LogiMax
    • Location :               3 Warehouses in Eagan, MN

 Recommendation: MURPHY WAREHOUSE COMPANY (MN) – Good reputation in the industry and they have several certifications related to the industry we are looking into.



  • Industries served – Food & beverage, food additives and co-products, vitamins & supplements, cold-storage, paper products, packaging materials, chemical, medical equipment, motor parts, metal alloys and casting materials, oil & wax products, rubber materials, sealant and finishes, textile dyes, textile products
  • Services – Warehousing, transportation management, manufacturing support, imports, direct rail access
  • Warehouse facility – Equipped with temperature controlled, food-grade, secure storage capacity

Basic Information:

    • Over 50 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $40.1M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :              587.5587
    • Email ID :   
    • Location :             Charlotte, NC
    • Size :                     2 million sq ft


  • Services – Storage and handling of chemicals, polymers, plastics, and food grade storage with cold and freezer options
  • Specialized material handling and storage services – Drumming, milling, tolling, packaging, kitting, e-commerce fulfilment services, inventory management, transloading, cross docking, transportation and freight brokerage services
  • Warehouse facility – Over 7.5 million square feet of public and contract warehouse space in 45 facilities across seven states: Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida

Basic Information:

    • Over 100 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $10M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :              458.235 / 330.453.3709
    • Email ID :    
    • Location & Area :  Charlotte – 245,000 square feet & Winston-Salem – 81,000

square feet: Dry Storage, Freezer Storage, Refrigerated/Cooler Storage


  • Services – Total supply chain solution, including warehousing; ecommerce fulfilment; distribution via LTL, truckload, intermodal, white glove; and import/export
  • Warehouse facility – 1,000,000+ sq ft network of warehousing space; more than 100 locations and 40+ facilities
  • Locations: Arkansas – Fort Smith, California – Long Beach, Florida – Jacksonville & Savannah, Georgia – Atlanta & Savannah, Illinois – Peoria, Kentucky – Bowling Green & Lexington, Mississippi – Grenada & Jackson, North Carolina – Asheville & Charlotte, Ohio – Cincinnati, Oklahoma – Tulsa, South Carolina – Charleston & Greenville, Tennessee – Chattanooga, Cookeville & Nashville, Texas – Abilene, Austin & Beaumont, Virginia – Norfolk

Basic Information:

 Recommendation: AVERITT WAREHOUSING SERVICES (Averitt Express, INC) – Based on their reputation. Also, their warehouses are located at over 100 locations across US.



  • Services – Transportation and warehousing
  • Warehousing facilities – 250,000 square feet of warehouse space; over 84,000 square feet of dry/ambient storage; and over 68,000 square feet of temp-control warehouse capacity

Basic Information:

    • Over 30 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $20.1M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               800-755-5855
    • Email ID :   
    • Size :                      250,000 square feet
    • Type :                     Cold Storage Warehouse
    • Location :              Montana; Aurora, Colorado; and Salt Lake City, Utah


  • Industries served – Automotive, food & beverage, hearth & home, electronic, medical, lodging, furniture, clothing, sporting goods, and telecom
  • Services – Distribution and fulfilment services, transportation management, value added services

Basic Information:

    • Over 10 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $ 27.1M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :              720-941-6486
    • Location :             Denver, CO


  • Industries served – Medical supplies, food & beverage, government, entertainment, retail manufacturers, importers, raw material suppliers and more
  • Services – Warehousing & fulfilment services, transportation Services, and international services like container freight stations, customs examination sites and foreign trade zone service
  • Warehouse facility – Operates over 500,000 sq. ft. of food-grade warehouse space

Basic Information:

    • Over 30 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $12.7M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :              303-371-2511
    • Email ID :   
    • Location :             Denver, CO
    • Type :                    Food-grade warehouse
    • Size :                     500,000 square feet


  • Industry served – Food/groceries, electronics, books, beer, wine & spirits, food & juices, DVD’s, clothing/footwear, health & beauty aids, pharmaceuticals
  • Services – Warehousing, regional transportation, national transportation, overnight delivery, pick & pack, E-commerce fulfilment, distribution & cross dock services, logistics, assembly & freight, import/export, drayage/intermodal, club stores and loss prevention
  • Locations International – India, Ireland/UK, Toronto/Ontario
  • Locations Chemical – Fresno, CA; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Somerset, NJ
  • Locations Frozen – Boonville, IN; Chicago, IL; Humboldt, TN; Jackson, TN; Kansas City, MO; Long Island, NY; Louisville, KY; Miami, FL; New Jersey; Tulsa, OK; Winter Haven, FL
  • Locations Custom Space – Houston; Los Angeles – Downtown; Los Angeles – Gardner; Miami; New York/New Jersey; San Francisco; San Jose; Seattle
  • Fulfillment Locations – Atlanta area; Cincinnati, OH; Cranbury, NJ; Dallas, TX; Kansas City, MO; Los Angeles CA; Memphis, TN; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; San Francisco, CA; Toronto, ON
  • List of Ambient Locations

Basic Information:

    • Over 70 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $48.5M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :              331.8220
    • Location :             Denver, CO
    • Type :                    Temperature Controlled Space

 Recommendation: PALISADES LOGISTICS (CO) – They have a great reputation in the industry, and also they are spread all over the world.



  • Services –
  • Specialized Solutions – Paper industry logistics, Northeast distribution, logistics for imports, direct to store delivery, manufacturing support, fulfillment
  • Warehouse services in the Northeast – Manufacturing support, distribution support, fulfillment, inventory management, product customization and value-added services
  • Freight management in the Northeast – Inbound freight, outbound freight, store-direct delivery, special freight, and cross-dock & drayage
  • Contract packaging – Club packs, multi-packs, sample packs, and custom packaging job
  • Warehouse facility – Listed in the table below
Location Size (Sq Ft) Comments Rail
Phoenix 50,000 Food Grade, Fulfillment, Packaging, Kitting – Supports Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment for small to large companies No
North Haven 75,000 Food Grade, Fulfillment, Packaging, Kitting – Supports Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment for small to large companies No
Westfield 200,000 General Commodities, Paper, Forest Products Yes
Worcester 350,000 General Commodities, Packaging, Paper, Plastic Yes
New Jersey – NJ Warehouse
Cinnaminson 100,000+ 80,000 SF General Commodities, 25,000 SF Trans-load/Cross Dock, Paper No
Dayton 350,000 General Commodities, Paper, Consumer, Chemicals No
Dayton – Temperature Control 80,000 cGMP Standards, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Kitting, Packaging No
Avenel 80,000 Container Trans-load, Paper Distribution Yes
Newark – Forest Products 10,000 Forest Products, Trans-load/Cross Dock, 12 Acre Outside Storage Yes
Pennsauken 180,000 General Commodities, Forest Products, Food Grade Yes
Somerset 150,000 General Commodities, Paper, Beverages, Chemicals – Non HazMat, Raw Materials, Plastics, Packaging Yes
Somerset – Fulfillment 45,000 Food Grade, Fulfillment, Packaging, Kitting – Supports Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment for small to large companies No
South Brunswick 250,000 General Commodities, Paper, Consumer Goods, Chemicals – Non HazMat No
Pennsylvania – PA Warehouse
Easton 90,000 General Commodities, Temperature Control, Manufacturing Components, Packaging, Foodstuffs, Fulfillment, Consumer Items No
Camp Hill 500,000 General Commodities, Paper, Forest Products, Consumer Items Yes
Philadelphia 250,000 General Commodities, Paper, Forest Products, Rail Trans-load Yes

Basic Information:


  • Industry served – Consumer products, food & beverage, building products, printed material, and machinery
  • Services – Airfreight, ocean services, reverse logistics, transportation, warehousing, storage, order fulfilment, pick & pack, container devanning / loading, US customs bonded, food grade compliant, crating & packing
  • Warehousing facility – Full-service warehouse, distribution, and logistics centre with over 210,000 square feet of available space

Basic Information:

    • Over 40 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $11.6M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :              203-366-3881 / 800-243-9914
    • Email ID :   
    • Location :             West Haven, CT

 Recommendation: TRANSPORT SYSTEMS – They have good reputation & they serve industries related to our products.



  • Industries served – Retail, industrial, health care, health & beauty, food, fashion, jewellery, packaging, and seasonal
  • Services – Supply chain management, transportation, warehousing, pick & pack fulfillment, technology, and China sourcing & supply
  • Warehousing facility – Operations in strategic location across North America, Europe and China
  • Locations:
United States New Jersey Carlstadt
Illinois Chicago
Texas Carrollton
California Los Angeles

Basic Information:

    • Over 30 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $14.6M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :              1-866-949-0046
    • Email ID :   
    • Location :              Carlstadt, Edison NJ
    • Software :              EDI


  • Industries served – Health & beauty logistics, retail logistics, food industry logistics, industrial & raw materials logistics
  • Services –
  • Direct Sales Fulfilment – Fulfilment services, fulfilment packaging, and fulfilment systems
  • E-Commerce Fulfilment – E-commerce fulfilment, parcel transportation, returns management, kitting & packaging, and fulfilment systems
  • Retail / B2B Logistics – Warehousing, manufacturing logistics, supply chain systems
  • Marketing Fulfilment – Pharmaceutical solutions, print management, inventory management, and fulfilment & distribution
  • Warehousing facilities – 15 facilities across 7 campus locations (Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Jose) with over 2 million square feet of space

Basic Information:

    • Over 30 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $12.5M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               (866) 888-2999
    • Location :               Cranbury, NJ


  • Industry served – Food products, consumer packaged goods, specialty foods, food ingredients, personal care products, alcoholic beverages, as well as organic and natural products
  • Services – Warehousing, value-added services, fulfilment & E-commerce, managed transportation, and logistics services

Basic Information:

 Recommendation:  JP LOGISTICS (NJ) – As per their reputation in the industry and the industries they serve. Also they are spread all over the world.



  • Industries served – Fashion apparel, electronics, house wares, Bbilding materials, automotive & tools, airline & aircraft parts, tobacco, alcohol, corrugated beverage, leisure, stationary, cosmetics, dry goods, toys, furniture, health & beauty, and pharmaceuticals
  • Services –
  • Warehousing Services – Distribution, palletizing, pick & pack, fulfilment services, replenishment, storage, climate-controlled facilities, US custom bonded, secured outdoor storage, returns, reversed logistics, E-commerce, trade-show
  • Transportation services – Trucking/trailer/van services, LTL /FTL, air/ocean/rail freight pick-up, lift gate services, GPS tracking, flatbed service, consolidation, cross-docking, trans loading, UPS/Fed-EX/USPS, retail Store deliveries, pool distributions, brokerage, trailer leasing and rentals
  • Back End Services – Data entry, invoicing, pick-tickets, pack slips, EDI services, UCC label printing, allocations, inventory control & reports, managed 3rd party warehouses, work with factors/credit approval, routing major retailers, compliance, documentation for all international shipments, ERP system, web-based software, administration, account executive
  • Specialty Services – Repacking, ticketing/labelling, kitting/assembly, quality control
  • 1,000,000 sq. ft. of the most modern, secure, and cost-efficient warehouse space in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, and California

Additional Information:

    • Over 30 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $21.2M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :              (631) 617-5670
    • Email ID :   
    • Location :             New York


  • Industries served – Footwear, apparel, electronics, home goods, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, automotive, retail and consumer goods, health and beauty, food and beverage
  • Services – Order fulfilment, E-commerce fulfilment, subscription box fulfilment, foreign trade zone, inventory management, freight brokerage, inventory management
  • Warehousing facility – Over 400,000 sq. ft. of storage facilities located in Buffalo, Syracuse, New York, and Tampa, Florida

Basic Information:


  • New York City’s Largest Refrigerated & Dry Warehouse
  • Services – Freezer and cooler, temperature-controlled storage & dry storage, computerized inventory management
  • Warehousing facility –
  • USDA approved facility
  • State of the art refrigeration system
  • Backup power generation
  • 2,000,000 cubic feet
  • 300 linear feet of truck platform with dock levellers
  • 24-hour security
  • Fire and burglar central station security system
  • Plant served by all railroads entering city

Basic Information:

    • Over 50 years of experience
    • Estimated annual revenue is $21.3M
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               855.3636
    • Email ID :    
    • Type :                      Dry & Cold Warehouse
    • Location :               Brooklyn, NY


  • Industries served – Specialty/department stores, food/drug/mass/club, natural channel, E-commerce outlets, and independent stores
  • Core Services – EDI fulfillment, pick & pack, E-commerce fulfilment, retail fulfilment, and consulting
  • Value added services – kitting + assembly, white glove, returns management, customization
  • Global fulfilment to over 75 countries
  • Process e-commerce orders in less than 6hrs

Basic Information:

    • Over 25 years of experience
    • Website :     
    • Phone # :               1-833-3PL-3OVO / 1-833-375-3686
    • Email ID :    
    • Location :              Ronkonkoma, NY
    • Area :                     1.5MM cubic sq. ft

Recommendation: Lincoln Distribution – As per their reputation & the industries they serve.