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Instagram Advertising


Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites worldwide. This photo and video-sharing app is gaining popularity and membership by leaps and bounds. It has over 1 billion active monthly users and cannot be ignored.

Instagram Ads

Ever since Instagram was acquired by Facebook it has become a goldmine for online advertising on the social media network. Celebrity influencers are engaged by brands to boost sponsored post on this social media platform.

Businesses opting for Instagram ads have the following objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness to users, who can be potential customers.
  • Increase reach of brand to ensure that an ad reaches the maximum number of people.
  • Generate higher traffic, which may result in clicks to website or to the app store for app downloads.
  • Higher App installations.
  • Promote engagements (share, likes, comments and event response) for posts.
  • Increased video views related to brand
  • Drive leads to act by converting on website or on the application.

Instagram offers five ad formats allowing companies to target specific audiences.

Stories ads: Over 500 million users feed/read content on Instagram Stories. Advertisers have cleverly used ads to promote their brands in this space. Businesses trying to sell a brand story or have a special campaign in video format rely on this ad type.

Companies looking to increasing traffic, wider reach, lead generation, conversions and app installs rely on Stories ad. Videos used to tell the brand story should be short (15 seconds or less) and very engaging.

Photo ads: Clean, simple and beautiful pictures can be used to promote products/services. Usually square or landscape format photos are used in this creative canvas. This ad format is right for brands with good quality visual content.

Businesses looking for creating brand awareness, increase traffic, reach wider audience, leads, and conversion opt for photo ads on Instagram. Post engagement, product catalogue sales and store visits are the other objectives promoted by this ad.

Video ads: Brands use video ads – with the power of sight, sound and motion – to influence audience behaviour. Companies can use videos that are up to 60 seconds long in square or landscape format. Video ads are used by businesses to showcase a story demonstrating how a product/service works.

These ads promote brand awareness, lead generation, increased traffic, conversions, post engagement and store visits. Advertisers usually focus on a single goal in video ads and add a clear call-to-action.

Carousel ads: Here a single ad has a series of photos or videos. Brands can add depth to their campaigns through these ads. Product/service-based companies use Carousal ads to display their products imagery and clickable links that leads users to landing page.

Marketers looking for increasing traffic, generating brand awareness, lead generation, conversions and product catalogue sales rely on carousel ads.

Collection ads: Marketers use integrated story with focus on a product or lifestyle, using images and video, or both. Collection ads are powerful as it inspires viewers to discover, browse and purchase products/services.

Brands trying to create an interactive ad experience for customers opt for collection ads. Businesses looking for increased traffic, conversions, product catalogue sales and store visits rely on this ad format.

Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is the best social media platform for brands to reach out to for influencer marketing. These ads are effective as the brand appears trustworthy to customers, as the product/service is introduced or comes from a trusted source (i.e. the influencer). Advertisements from influencers have the added advantage of giving direct access of target markets to companies. While micro-influencers boost post for free products on their profile, the big influencers charge big from brands as some of them have been using their Instagram accounts as the main source of income.

Pros of Instagram Ads

  1. Clickable call-to-action drives traffic to website.
  2. Increase visibility of business.
  3. Boost post appear only to target audience.
  4. Different options available for advertisements.

Cons of Instagram Ads

  1. Brands cannot place a clickable link in their post.
  2. Limited audience. Most users are in the 18 – 29 age group.
  3. Ad features are less advanced.